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Concept and Consultation

Combining the artistic world with the digital and print world is often challenging. We offer initial consultation on the best way to communicate through graphic design.


Through a series of questions, we can help you determine the most effective, economical and useful approach to improving your image. With more than 25 years of experience in design, we are your resource for a basic business card or an entire advertising or lobbying campaign. Your time is valuable, so we guarantee a quick response.

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Great design is still great in any form. Natural talent for line, color, spacing and composition can be applied to print, web, 3D, posters, table displays, napkins, and a host of other media. Want to make your design work? We offer full adaptability of graphic design for you. Bring in your art and we’ll scan it, re-create it or imitate it.

Priced by the hour or flat fee.

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Idea Bank

To help you translate an idea into action, we have thousands of printed samples for you.

Let them be an inspiration and guide to developing your corporate identity, political campaign, funding program or training project. It also helps you recognize what has been done or overdone before!

In addition, we have more than 800,000 high quality, copyright free images and photos at our disposal to include in your printed or online piece. Professional photography services with our digital cameras are also available to you. (Images for this website and the Downtown Map were produced by Capitol Copy Service)


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