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Next to personal contact, a printed invitation is the most effective way to reach your target audience.

They can touch it, read it, store it, share it and see a representation of your organization’s image.


Too often, e-mail becomes lost, misdirected or detoured as spam.
From the simplest children’s birthday party to the Governor’s Inaugural, we offer you a variety of invitation options, all created just for you.

Typically, invitations are 5” x 7” and may be a foldover card, if the space is needed. A reply card, printed sending envelopes and reply envelopes are included. (We do the mailing, too, if you wish.)


Popular quantities:



250 300 500 1,000 or more (discount pricing)


Postcards have become extremely popular.


Here are reasons why:
• economical to produce (no envelope)
• lower postage rate
• short production time
• often used to drive people to websites
• get attention
• the message is brief

Choose from a variety of papers, but we recommend a coated stock, gloss or matte finish for full color printing.

To make your postcard memorable, you should consider unusual sizes, within the postal service rules.



Popular quantities:




500 750 1,000 or more (discount pricing)


Catalogs and Directories

Do you need all of your organization’s members compiled and organized in one place?


Do you need a personnel handbook or technical manual assembled?


We offer both print and web versions of them. Membership books are also a great way to attract advertisers seeking access. Print can be in black ink or full color. Assembly of the material could be any of the following:

• 3 ring binder

• Spiral binding (plastic combs)
• Tape binding (glue with a cloth strip)
• Staples (most economical)
• Perfect binding (pages are glued to a wraparound cover)
• Wire coil

There are some other options depending on the size of your document. There are no typical quantities because this item has so many variables. However, we can produce from one to 5,000 documents.


Please call or e-mail with your specifications.



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