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Scanning FAQs

What is the special CD offer?

Capitol Copy provides one or more FREE blank CDs for any scanning project of at least 500 paper documents, color or black and white or up to the maximum memory per CD*

What are the features and benefits of scanning?
To name a few—

  1. Reduce paper storage space
  2. Ease of document sharing
  3. Improved document management
  4. Fast retrieval of information
  5. Secure backup of paper files (store a copy of CD’s offsite)


How much does scanning cost?

The service is much like file copying, without the paper and toner. Flat rates of up to 25 cents each apply to scanning projects of less than 1,000 pages. Rates can go as low as 10 cents each for totals of 5,000 or more pages. There are other cost considerations such as document sizes and the condition of items to be scanned. Basic black and white originals on 8.5 x 11 paper are auto-scanned, but a folded, stapled, coffee-stained, torn sheet would of course slow down the process!
Our prices are based on a review of items to be scanned and how efficiently they can be handled.


What format is the scanned document?

The default format is a PDF. We can make as many PDF’s as you need. It could be one per file folder, or one for each unique document. Then you may access it as you would any other PDF.


What about color or large documents?

We scan color documents on a color scanner, to your specifications: low, medium or high resolution. This may be necessary for maps, graphs or charts where a color key is used. The largest original size that may be scanned is 11”x17.”


Is the PDF searchable and editable?

These features are available from us or by downloading a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat.


How secure is the scan?


We will save your files to a CD. You may copy and manage these files as you wish, but the original archived files will remain on the CD. If you prefer, we can provide backup CD’s of your files.


How long does the scanning take?

We can estimate a production time to meet your needs, based on the total number and type of documents to be scanned.


Do you pick up and deliver?

Yes, one pick up and delivery is included for any project of three cartons or more for scanning.


My files are confidential. Will they be protected?

Yes. We have a confidentiality agreement now in force for everyone at Capitol Copy. Also, your files are scanned at high speed in a controlled environment so there is no risk of sharing.


What are printed on my CD’s?

We will copy your files onto CD’s up to their full memory capacity. A title, provided by you, will be imprinted on the face of the CD.


What happens to my paper documents after scanning?

We return them to you as received, stapled, in folders, etc, if you prefer. Or, we can shred and recycle the paper for you, for an additional charge.



* Scanning job order minimum value: $100.00. Maximum value of this CD offer per job: $50.00. Each CD retail value is $3.00. Call for complete details and FREE quote--609-989-8776 or Copy@Capitol-Copy.com


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