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There are as many website styles as there are business and organization types. It’s best to start with defining what you want your website to do.
Here are basic types:
• internet presence, just to let people know you exist
• communication and news, like NJ.com
• membership management and interaction, to register, pay dues, sign up for events
• catalog and shopping
• entertainment
• e-commerce
• technical assistance
• time-limited purpose (political campaign)

• social media

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You are invited to meet with us to discuss your website plans. We then suggest design, layout and functions of the site. A print version, then a test site is presented for your review.  Our team includes a professional designer, an IT specialist and programmers for custom app’s.


A basic website with domain registration and hosting for 3 months begins at $499. Simple, on-line templates are economical but may not offer flexibility as you grow or your on-line needs change. A site customized for you is the best approach.


Production time

Your time is valuable so we work very quickly to meet your deadline! We have set up custom sites in as little as 2 days, after all content was approved.


Construction and Hosting

Stunning design is great but a website must work and must be usable by a variety of browsers, operating systems, smartphones, social media, monitors, and nationalities. Our technical staff makes your website operational.

Here are some of the features we offer:

• Domain name registration (your unique address)
• Hosting by several companies, depending on your budget and data needs (24/7 operation)
• E-mail accounts
• Social Media planning, management and measurement
• Flash, Java and other animation sites.
• User name and password access
• Database services
• Blogs, RSS and other supplements
• Search Engine Optimization
• Content Management Systems


Have a website already?

Well, we can troubleshoot it for technical problems and repair or re-design as needed.
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Need to discuss further? Please call 609-989-8776 or email for a price quote.

Updates and Eblasts

A static, outdated website diminishes its effectiveness, so it is important to constantly update it, if only to list the current date.

If you have a flow of news and changes, we post them to your website instantly so it never gets stale. Or, we can enable you to do your own updates. This can be done via e-mail, ftp site, CD or fax. The test site is hidden from public view waiting your approval before going “live.” (Priced on a quarter hour basis or a flat maintenance fee per month)

E-mail “blasts” and the use of e-mail marketing tools, such as Constant Contact, drive people to your site and sustain a level of communication. We assist you every step of the way so that your messages display correctly, graphics work and you avoid the inevitable detours of spam filters.

(Priced per e-blast or on a monthly fee basis)

Please email or phone for price quotes.